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Ten reasons to have insurance
  1. Avoid debt that your family members might unnecessarily have to pay.
  2. Protect what wealth you may have already accumulated.
  3. Protect your health.
  4. Leave a legacy for your loved ones.
  5. Protect against being sued.
  6. Protect your home.
  7. Protect your personal property.
  8. Protect your business.
  9. Protect your vehicle(s).
  10. Protect your family's health.

Concept of Insurance

Here's a bit of trivia for you. Do you know who invented the concept of insurance? The answer is: Lloyd's of London is now being given credit for the modern-day concept of issuing insurance quotes. Lloyd's of London was founded in 1688 in a well-known coffee house called Edward Lloyd's Coffee House. They started out with the concept of "marine" insurance. Since then, multitudes of insurance companies have come into existence.

In the days of pirates, there were actual agreements that involved the exchange of treasure as payment for injuries that happened in their line of work. Also, it is thought that the Knights of Templar may have been involved in similar types of insurance arrangements in the middle ages. However, in those days insurance quotes were not part of the vocabulary!

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We will caution you that no matter what kind of insurance quote that you are looking for, the "cheapest" may not necessarily give you the best results! Most experts in this industry will tell you to obtain a minimum of three, maybe four, free insurance quotes before making a decision to buy an insurance policy from the numerous insurance companies in the industry. Also, the insurance rates that you receive may not be included from one insurance company to another. It is therefore very important that you study, line-by-line, very closely what the insurance coverage is for each quoted insurance policy!

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First, you may have already noticed our easy-to-use "horizontal" menu bar located directly above our introduction on this page. These broad topics include what we call "sectors of the insurance industry." You can see that these topics include anything from car, to health, to life insurance for whatever sector of the online insurance industry that you can imagine. If you're looking for information on insurance companies, you will find it. One particular sector of the insurance industry is health insurance in the US and Canada. The United States Congress has been, and still is, haggling over this topic for years! We all know that there is no such thing as free insurance. However, this has prompted tens of millions of Americans to seek free insurance quotes since the Internet became a valuable research tool, which is why we have established this Web site.

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Another convenient feature that we have added is our "insurance terms" glossary. At any time you can click of "glossary" in our main menu, where it will take you to a very comprehensive and detailed list of every imaginable term that insurance companies use. For instance, do you know what the term "insurance company ratings" means? Or terms like SR-22 insurance, which may be very important to you when you are considering an insurance quote!

Here's another bit of trivia for you. Who was the first known (or recognized) person to have purchased insurance for a motor vehicle in the United States? The man's name happens to be Dr. Truman J. Martin. He purchased that policy in 1898. In those days, insurance coverage was only provided so that it would pay for the damage to the property that the vehicle struck. Nowadays, we call that "liability insurance." A far cry from getting free insurance quotes from an online insurance Web site such as this one!

As a side note, the state of Massachusetts was the very first state in all of the United States of America to enact an insurance law for motor vehicles that was mandatory. As the popularity of motor vehicles grew, it spawned an ocean of insurance companies that now compete to provide you with cheap insurance (or at least cheaper).

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Another goal is to continually add questions and answers to this site, keeping you as the user proclaiming that this might be the most highly informative online insurance Web site on the Internet. We not take this task at all lightly! The fact that users are obviously searching for anything from free insurance quotes with their corresponding insurance rates, to just wanting to know about nationwide insurance in the United States and Canada, is indication to us that maybe we might want to invite you to ask us about topics and/or specific questions that you can't find any place else. So read on to discover the "method to our madness"!

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The History of Insurance

While in the process of deciding which insurance quotes you want to narrow it down to, we thought you might want to know just a little bit about how the concept of insurance all came about!

When you really think about it, it's kind of frustrating to write out a check every month to protect you from some type of negative financial damage that may not even occur! Insurance, if you look at it from the standpoint of law, is a way to "manage" the risk of being sued, which of course could cause the potential to have a financial loss. What we're describing is called a "liability-type insurance."

You might also think of it as separated into two parts. The first part, we'll call it protection for your "life." That's where the term "life insurance" comes about. It also has to do with your "life" when it comes to your health. Thus comes the term "health insurance." Lastly, if something you do, for instance, with your car that injures someone that affects "their" life, we now see the term "liability insurance."

The second part of the insurance equation may be grouped into something we'll call "general insurance." This type of insurance is likely to be for coverage for your auto, home, your house payments, et cetera. Consider these as "short-term" insurance coverage's that will pay in the event that something goes wrong such as a fire.

In very early times, the traders from China and Babylonia used methods of managing risk. The Chinese traders would insist on distributing their goods amongst multiple sailing ships to hedge against the loss of just one ship going down. Ancient Babylonians, used a method for sailing merchants where that merchant would acquire a loan for their goods shipment across the Mediterranean. They would then have to pay an extra fee to that lender to guarantee that the loan would be canceled in the event that pirates hijacked the shipment.

The citizens of Rhodes developed a concept they called a "general average." This concept was for when multiple merchants would ship their goods together on a sailing ship. Each merchant would pay their divided share of a premium that would be used to pay back a merchant that might have lost their goods due to a storm.

In about 600 AD, the Romans and Greeks developed their own type of life and health insurance. They put together "benevolent societies," which the called guilds. These societies would then take care of the families and pay for the expenses for the funeral of the members after they died.

In 1666, the Great Fire of London burned down over 13,000 homes, which can now be traced to the insurance of today. Because of that, a man named Nicholas Barbon set up shop to insure structure or buildings. He started up the first fire insurance company in England in 1680. It was to insure framed and brick houses. In the United States, in a little town in Charles Town, South Carolina, the first insurance company for fire insurance was formed in 1732.

In modern day United States, insurance departments individually by state set the primary policing role of the insurance industry. There are state insurance commissioners set up that act individually but sometimes work side by side with commissioner's organizations for national insurance.