Are There Effects Of Cell Phone Use On Car Insurance For New Drivers?

By Lisa Olsen Posted in Car Insurance News

One of the biggest rites of passage is turning sixteen and finally being able to drive. It is the thing that teens look forward to after blowing out those candles. However, it is also one of the things that parents dread the most. Not only because they may fear for the safety of their child, but because of the increased insurance premiums. It is a known fact that a teen driver equals high insurance costs and adding cell phones into the mix just makes that premium shoot right through the roof.

Ready, Set, Drive

After turning on the engine, most new drivers also make sure their cell phone is charged and ready to go. However, what they may not realize is that chatting with their BFF or texting about the latest party increases their possibility of having an accident. A driver is four times more likely to have an accident while using their cell phone than a one who is paying full attention to the road. In some cases, a teen driver who is using a cell phone has the same reaction time as a drunk driver. Because of this, and many other concerns, insurance companies statistically have imposed higher premiums on teen and new drivers than any other class. Also, many states have, or are considering imposing, restrictions against cell phone use making it a ticket able offense to talk or text and drive. A ticket for cell phone use, especially if paired with another violation, can skyrocket insurance premiums.

Follow The Rules And Lower Premiums Will Come

To help make premiums affordable, insurance companies offer ways to lower rates. One of the more popular is for parents to sign a contract with their teen encouraging them to have safe driving habits, such as no cell phone use while driving. Other options include making sure a teen keeps their grades up and opts to take a driver’s education class. Another possibility is to add the new driver to an already existing policy instead of purchasing a separate one. However, this option only works if the teen will be driving their parent’s car and not one of their own, otherwise a new policy may be unavoidable. By encouraging teens to follow the rules, insurance premiums can be kept low.

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