By How Much Will My Premiums Increase For A Speeding Ticket?

By Sharon Gibson Posted in Car Insurance News

This is a difficult question to answer. The effect of a speeding ticket varies by the individuals receiving the citation. Insurance rates are calculated using several different factors. We will go over a few of those factors here to help you understand the impact your ticket will have on your insurance rates.

The Good Driver Discount

In most states and from most insurance companies, a “good driver” discount is given. This discount can be anywhere from 10-25% or more. If this is your first citation, you may not lose this discount. However if this is one of several citations, it is much more likely that you will in fact lose your discount. So in this case your insurance premiums may increase by the percentage and amount of your former discounts.

State Laws

Most states have laws that forbid insurance companies from hiking rates just because of a single citation. This does vary by severity however. If you get a ticket for reckless driving, for example, you can probably assume your rates will increase. If your ticket is just a simple speeding infraction then you are probably in the clear and will not experience an insurance premium increase. Again, this usually depends on the severity of the ticket and the number of tickets you have. As always, if you are a safe driver with few or no other tickets, then you are probably not going to see a rate increase.

The final result of your ticket in terms of insurance premiums can ultimately be answered only by your insurance company. Most insurers try to be understanding and, let’s face it, the odds that you will eventually get a ticket are fairly high. Even the best and safest drivers on a long enough time line will be ticketed at some point or another.

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