Can I Get A Better Car Insurance Rate If I’m A Woman?

By Sharon Gibson Posted in Car Insurance News

Car Insurance For Women

Statistically, there may be lower rates for female drivers. However, a car insurance company will not constitute any lower rates to “female” drivers specifically. When it comes to women receiving better car insurance rates, it is based on a statistical basis and not on gender specific. Car insurance companies compare each potential policyholder by the same “type of driver.”  This means they will look at the person’s driving record to determine if she (or he, for that matter) has had any traffic violations, points, accidents and so on.

If, however, a woman policyholder holds a less expensive policy for her car insurance policy as does her male counterpart, it is based on the statistical factors as determined by the car insurance company and not based on gender.

Asking For A Better Rate If You Are A Woman

Like any purchase, inquiring on discounts is typical. If you are a woman seeking to purchase car insurance, you have the right to ask your insurance company for all discounts that would apply.

As previously indicated, a potential policyholder will be quoted a premium based on similar attributes of the driver. As a car insurance company will compare various members of comparable groups to assess the probability of the potential insured of getting in an accident.

Again, statistics may show females within a similar group as “yours” may tend to be “safer” drivers with fewer accidents, traffic violations and fewer points, which will lead to a lower premium policy rate. In this case, the statistic will show that this particular female group will get lower rates because of the assortment of statistics.

However, the same will hold true if the policy seeker were a male under 25 years of age who has had previous accidents and traffic violations on his driving record. The policy premium will be much higher than like subjects with fewer violations.

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