Can I Get Cheaper Car Insurance As A Senior Citizen, 55 Or Older?

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Who Qualifies As A Senior Citizen

A senior citizen is typically anyone who is over the age of 60 or 65 and retired. However, car insurance categorize people by age groups when they determine car insurance premiums. Those between 55 and 65 enjoy some of the cheapest car insurance premiums available. Good driving skills and a strong sense of self preservation make this age group some of the safest drivers on the road.

What Are The Discounts

Senior citizens have access to some great discounts. It is generally assumed that if you are a senior citizen you are living on a fixed income. Insurance companies recognize this and have made it easier for seniors to obtain discounts.

Once you reach the age of 50+ then you can qualify for car insurance discounts through AARP, or the American Association of Retired Persons. They offer a wide range of discounts for those 55 and older. Another discount available to the senior driver is the safe driver discount. This discount can be access when a driver has a good driving record and has maintained a good credit rating.There are also safe driving classes available for the older driver. These courses review basic driving skills as well as adaptable skills that will help you as you get older.

More Restrictions

If you are under 70, this does not apply to you but if you are 70 or over you should be aware of some driving restrictions insurance companies impose on the elderly driver. Many insurance companies offer an abbreviated insurance plan for the elderly driver. These policies include restrictions on night-time driving and insists on regular vision and hearing screenings before they will let you buy insurance from them.

What You Should Watch Out For

There are plenty of scams out there aimed at senior citizens and car insurance is one of the places you can get scammed. The latest scam is one that offers seniors cheap car insurance and ends up with the senior signing over their social security check. The best way to avoid a scam is to be an informed consumer. Know what type of insurance is available and where you can find a reputable insurance company. Web sites like this Web site offer an easily searchable database of excellent insurance companies.

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