Does A Student Driver Need Car Insurance?

By Sharon Gibson Posted in Car Insurance News

So your teenage son or daughter has obtained his or her driving permit and will need to practice driving before getting a drivers license. A common question that many parents have is; does their son or daughter need car insurance when in this situation? Yes, student drivers need to be covered under some form of auto insurance whenever operating a vehicle. Every driver behind the wheel is required by state law to carry a minimum amount of car insurance, and student drivers are no exception.

Getting Insurance Coverage For A Student Driver May Not Cost Any Money

Although student drivers need to have insurance coverage when driving a car, this does not necessarily mean that you have to buy them an insurance policy of their own. In fact it is many times possible to get your student driver insured for no additional cost to you. If your student driver has his or her permit you need to call your insurance company and have them added onto your existing insurance policy as a secondary driver. Many insurance companies will extend coverage to student drivers without raising the insurance premiums as long as the student driver does not yet have their license. Once the student driver receives his or her drivers license your car insurance premiums will most likely increase if you leave them on your auto insurance plan, or they will have to purchase an auto insurance policy of their own.

Another situation a student driver will find themselves in is driving a car while at their drivers education class. Because the student is again operating a vehicle they are required by state law to carry auto insurance. Whether the student takes drivers education through their high school or through a private company the required auto insurance coverage will be provided by the educational institution.

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