How can I Know My Driving History For Free For Low Cost Car Insurance?

By Mike Anderson Posted in Car Insurance News

Auto insurance quotes can vary significantly based on your driving history. Before applying for a new quote, or asking for a readjustment, you should get a detailed look at your driving history record. This article will give you ways of how to know your driving history for free for car insurance purposes.

Talk To Your Insurance Provider

Since your auto insurance provider is basing your insurance quote largely off of your historical driving record, they will have a recent copy of your driving record on file. Most likely, your insurance provider had to pay for the report, so they may charge you a fee, but since they probably want to keep your business, they may give you a free copy.

Go To Your Local DMV

Go to your local DMV and ask for your driving history report. The local DMV may not have all information regarding minor accidents that did not result in tickets, but any traffic violations you received will be kept in their records. Based on what state you live in, your local DMV may be required to provide you with an up to date driving record for free.

Get A Free CLUE Report

The Fair Credit Reporting Act recently was amended to give consumers free access to all information regarding insurance claims. The CLUE report will give you any information regarding claims you have filed, and claims filed against you. It probably won’t have other information regarding violations, but will give you a lot of the information you are looking for. A CLUE report can be found on the Choice Trust website. Be sure you select that you want the free report when ordering.

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