How Do I Acquire Cheap Car Insurance?

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If you are already a car owner, you may know quite a bit about car insurance, but if you have just purchased a car or you are considering purchasing one you probably have a few questions about car insurance. It is a law in most places that a person has to have insurance on their car. Below are some car insurance questions and answers that can help you in your insurance search.

What Are The Top Five Car Insurance Companies And Where Do I Find Them?

AAA, Progressive, Allstate, Geico, and The Hartford are some of the most popular insurance companies. These companies also offer other coverage plans for other things like homes, ATV’s, motorcycles, and so on.

Most companies are online now, but they do have toll free phone numbers where they can be reached. Also, you can go to any local insurance company and ask them for quotes, in person. It is highly recommended that you get more than one quote from more than one insurance agency. This can help you to get the best rates and the best coverage plans for your car.

What Type Of Coverage Do I Need To Get?

Most places require you to have a certain amount of liability on your car now. If your car is a used car and is not worth a lot, you can put the minimum liability on your car. This is a personal choice for everyone. If you are financing a used car, you will have to put full coverage on it. Most car dealers will want you to have comprehensive and collision with a $500 deductible for each of those.

If you have a brand new car and it is financed, you will have to put full coverage on it and add the amount for the deductible for comprehensive and collision from what the car dealer tells you. If your car is brand new, it would be in your best interest to add full coverage to this car.

When a car is not financed, the deductible amount will be up to you. If you choose a higher amount for a deductible, your insurance can cost less. The down side of that is that if something happens, you will have to pay the deductible. Some companies do deduct the deductible from your final pay if they have to pay you for and damages or medical expenses. Find out what states require a person to have car insurance and some unknown facts about what happens when a person does not have car insurance. It might surprise you.

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