How Do I Buy Mexican Or Mexico Car Insurance?

By Mike Anderson Posted in Car Insurance News

If you plan to travel to Mexico with your car, there are a few things you need to know in regard to car insurance to ensure you will be protected in case you are in an accident while in Mexico.

The first thing as a consumer you should make certain is that the Mexican car insurance company carries S&P rating liability coverage. It will also be wise to make sure the policy sold carries medical coverage for both you and any passengers you may have with you at the time. This type of coverage will protect you and your car to the fullest extent.

Also, under Mexican law, you must carry car liability insurance specifically for Mexico that is provided by a Mexican insurance company that is too, authorized by Mexico’s National Insurance Commission. Your U.S. car insurance is not valid for liability car accidents in Mexico.

Understanding Mexico’s Car Insurance Law

If you, as a traveler are involved in a car accident in Mexico and do not have car insurance you could face huge monetary fines and these violations may mean a jail sentence. If you are driving in Mexico without car insurance, you are putting yourself and those who may be traveling with you at unnecessary risks.

Purchasing car insurance in Mexico for your travels is just as easy as purchasing auto insurance in the United States. Following simple steps will ensure you are protected from unexpected accidents.

First, know your travel plans. Some areas in Mexico may not be covered by the car insurance policy you choose. And too, some policies could provide more coverage than you need. So, it is important you do your research.

Second, purchase your car insurance prior to your arrival in Mexico. Waiting until the last minute could cause you to miss out on savings and/or the right coverage needed. For example, as stated before, you want to make sure the car insurance policy you purchase covers the areas of Mexico in which you will be traveling.

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