How Do I Determine The Best Car Insurance Limits For The Cost?

By Mike Anderson Posted in Car Insurance News

Let’s Define Car Insurance Limits

Car insurance coverage and limits are packaged into several different types. Usually it is easier to decide what is required by your state of residence before purchasing the policy.

Once you determine what is required by law, but the minimum insurance limits your state requires may not be sufficient in protecting your personal assets. You purchase car insurance to protect you, your family and your personal assets in the event a loss is suffered or suffered by others. An automobile accident can cost more than the limits mandated by many states.

Remember, if you select insurance limits that are too low, you may be at risk financially, in that, if you or a driver covered in your policy cause serious injury in an accident, and damages exceed the limits purchased in your policy, you will be responsible for any amount above your insurance limit. Some insurance companies recommend you carry at least $100,000 of bodily injury protection per person and $300,000 per accident.

By purchasing liability insurance limits to protect you and your current assets, you will help protect yourself against such a high risk.

Questions To Ask Yourself When Determining Costs And Limits

Many car insurance companies and other insurance experts advocate full car insurance coverage and maximum limits no matter if your car is financed. They stress how important it is to maximize your protection at all times. When you are fully covered, you will also be maximizing your policy costs as well, however, the necessity of “full coverage” insurance may not be required by all states.

An insured should understand that many cars on the road today are valued more than the standard property damage limits affordable by a basic insurance policy. Again, it is essential that you determine your assets, as insurance is meant to protect you, your family and any valuables that can be lost in a lawsuit.

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