How Do You Buy A Young Person’s Car Insurance Policy?

By Mike Anderson Posted in Car Insurance News

Because of their lack of experience behind the wheel, young drivers are usually considered high-risk, which means policy rates for this group can be quite expensive. If you do your homework, though, you can wisely select a car insurance policy for a young driver that provides ideal coverage without draining the wallet.

Get Quoted

Just as you would when selecting any insurance policy, you need to get quotes from a variety of auto insurance companies before making a decision. If you have an existing auto insurance policy and are looking to add a young driver onto it, start with your current insurance provider. If you aren’t happy with the rate that is offered, you may want to get quotes from other companies. You may also want to see if it would be feasible and cheaper to have an individual policy for a young driver.

Be sure to ask specific questions. For example, is there a trial period during which a young driver is considered high-risk? And if the young driver has a clean record during that period, does the rate then go down?

Some insurance companies give breaks to young drivers who have taken and passed specific driving courses. Be sure to mention this when quote-hunting.

Consider The Car

Every driver, even a young driver, imagines being behind the wheel of the latest, coolest vehicle. But young drivers often pay a higher rate when they drive expensive sports cars. A reliable mid-size car without too many bells and whistles is a good choice for a young driver, and the person purchasing the policy will appreciate the less expensive rate. Be sure to mention the type of car the young person will be driving when getting auto insurance quotes.

With this information in hand, you’re now ready to purchase an auto insurance policy for a new driver.

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