How Do You Find Free Quotes Online For Car Insurance?

By Sharon Gibson Posted in Car Insurance News

The introduction of E – commerce has really revolutionized the way business is conducted. There is an upsurge in online trade and the reduction in the “physical” trade. The insurance industry has not been left out either and this has been propelled by an increase in online car bazaars.

Due to the competiveness of online trade, many online insurance companies have resolved to create a special link that enables clients who log into their website be able to get free online quotes for their car insurance. By so doing, the insurer is in a position to “kill two birds with one stone”, i.e. The insurer offers “free” quotations and at the same time market themselves thus they stand a great chance of increasing their client base.

What Are The Procedures Involved?

Log into any search engines home page and type the words, “Free Quotes Online for Car Insurance”. A number of links will be displayed on the companies that offer such services. Select the link that you wish and this will give you access to the website of the company.

Once on the page, there is a provision for one to select his / her car model, the type of insurance cover they wish to have (comprehensive, 3rd Party etc) and the location in which one is based. Thereafter, one is required to provide his / her e – mail address where the information will be sent and finally you submit.

The information will then be sent to your e – mail address. Another simpler way to this approach is if you the specific companies that offer free online quotes for car insurance. This is because first method of going through the search engines might be longer and time consuming, however it is the best option since it gives one a chance to sample and compare the different offers available from different online based insurance companies. Apart from online / internet based free quotes, companies are also conducting insurance clinics and road shows to sensitive the motorists about the services they offer. Most of the time, the insurance agents offer free quotes for the different insurance covers they provide.

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