How Does A Good Student Discount Work For Auto Insurance?

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Let’s Discuss How Being A Good Student Affects Your Premiums

In most states, car insurance companies offer certain incentives to student drivers to help lower monthly premium costs. There is an important relationship between a student receiving good grades and safe driving to being cautious. Insurance companies have many studies that reflect this statistic. If you are a student who received good grades and are in need of car insurance, then chances are you will see the incentive in what you will pay for a car insurance policy. Usually the good student discount for car insurance is for young drivers who are full-time students and between the ages of 16 and 24.

Insurance companies have been offering student discounts to full-time high school or college students. The good student discount is typically applied to the policy once, and then at renewal. As a student receiving any type of “good student discount,” you will have to maintain your eligibility for the incentive. This can be provided to the car insurance company by a report card or by letter from the school official.

With some insurance companies, your good student discount may not be applied to the full car insurance policy premium. Meaning, if the student is covered under the “family’s policy” the good student discount is only applied to the premium cost of the car he or she most frequently drives.

Something Else To Consider

As a policyholder, ask the insurance company if your student would become eligible for additional insurance incentives/discounts if they took a formal student-driving course. Some insurance companies will recognize the standards required by the driving school program and give additional discounts to your student.

A good student discount is a reduction of car insurance premiums for the student driver, again, it does not cover the whole policy if the student is covered under the family’s policy.

Some examples of a good student varies from one car insurance company to another; in general it is typically a student who ranks in the upper percentile of his or her class, has a certain grade point average or is on the Dean’s list or honor roll.

The discount normally applies to Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, medical payments and Comprehensive and Collision coverage provided students maintain the requirements set forth by the insurance company.

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