How Does Age Affect Car Insurance Quotes For Young Drivers?

By Robert Fredricks Posted in Car Insurance News

Age affects many things in life. When getting behind the wheel of a heavy machine and getting on the road with others, to be sure, age will affect car insurance quotes, especially for young drivers.

Young Drivers Will Pay More In Car Insurance

Young drivers will pay more for car insurance. There is no way to get around this, short of perpetrating a fraud. Young male drivers will pay even more than young female drivers. This is due to insurance company statistics showing male drivers to be more aggressive than female drivers. That means they speed more, tailgate more, perhaps drink more and do all sorts of silly and dangerous things. How is this known? Through careful insurance industry studies of differing age groups and their characteristics. The reader will be aware of the quirks of young drivers.

Young drivers have no records to prove they are safe drivers. Consequently, the statistics of the insurance companies show them putting in more claims. The more claims of an age group, the higher will be the premiums charged for that age group. Elderly driver rates are also influenced greatly by age.

Being Young Is Being Bullet Proof

Not all young drivers are irresponsible and immature. But, the good must suffer with the bad because statistics don’t lie. Young drivers thing they will live forever and consequently are more reckless on the road. They will tailgate and speed. Everyone has heard their loud music as they drive. They probably text while driving.

The solution is to maintain a good driving record for a couple of years and then the quoted premiums will decrease. Take a driver education class in school, keep good grades and use the car sparingly. This will offset the higher premiums due to youth.

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