How Does Cell Phone Use Affect A Cheap Car Insurance Quote?

By Sharon Gibson Posted in Car Insurance News

Cell phone safety is a hot topic with law enforcement agencies. Many traffic offenses that occur are a result of being engrossed with the cell phone. Basic cell phone usage like talking or texting can be a safety hazard. Everyone knows that the cell phone is a distraction. However, the demands of modern life may bring additional pressure to answer the phone while driving. The office or a business client may be calling and you do not want the v voice mail to pick up. There may be a call from a family member, children’s school, or from a sick friend. Phone calls that are made may cause you to think something is wrong, and you need to answer the phone. You may be wondering how does cell phone use affect a car insurance quote.

Cell Phone Safety

Many car insurance companies are offering incentives to driver who is willing to become a safer driver. Preventing distractions is important while driving. A quiet highway or city street may seem uneventful. However the distraction of a cell phone cab potentially becomes disastrous. The insurance company will give a discount for having a cell phone disabling device. The device blocks all phone calls and text messages while the car is operational. This will affect all cell phones and pagers within the immediate confined area inside of the car.

Car Insurance Quote

Car insurance quotes usually ask specific questions to assess your driving habits. If the insurance company knows you are less at risk for cell phone related accidents you will be rewarded with a lower rate. Use these tips to help obtain and maintain a safe driving environment by not using the cell phone while driving. Always ask for a disabling device discount if it is not offered during the car insurance quote.

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