How Does The Process Of A Car Insurance Claim Work?

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The Process Of Car Insurance Claims

There is a certain process in car insurance claims. Knowing these different processes and how they work is important to you as the insured.

When purchasing your car insurance policy, usually the information about how to file a claim is not asked. It is just not something you as a policyholder wants to bring up with your insurance agent. But, knowing is vital, and the process in which claims happen are simple steps as follows: the submission of the claim, the investigation of the claim, and finally, the payment of the claim. Most insurance claims are paid and processed in a certain amount of days.

Steps Of Your Claim

Submitting your claim is generally an easy process. It includes letting your insurance company/agent be aware of the claim. The claim report form is a detail of an accident, driver’s license numbers of the drivers involved in the accident and their contact information, as well as the license tag number of the vehicles involved. The claim’s report will also include any police report that may have been completed at the time of the accident. The claim’s report should be submitted to the insurance company within 24 hours of the accident.

The investigative portion of the process involves an insurance claim adjuster. Once the adjuster gets your initial report of the claim/accident, he or she will attempt to verify the information in the report. This will help determine who is at fault for the accident. Therefore, it is very important to be precise in your details of the accident. It will also be helpful to include any pictures you may be able to get as well as witnesses.

The final process of your insurance claim is payment. Once the insurance adjuster determines who is at fault for the accident, payments will be processed and the claim is filed as completed.

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