How Old Do You Have To Be To Purchase Auto Insurance?

By Mike Anderson Posted in Car Insurance News

In order to get a good car insurance plan, you should shop around at multiple companies. Insurance dealers like Progressive offer competitive pricing and even show you what kind of deals you would get from their competitors. But how old do you have to be to actually get car insurance?

You can get car insurance from the moment that you start driving your vehicle, but until you get your license, your parent will probably be paying for it. At 16 is when you can get your own car insurance plan in the United States. Teen males statistically are shown to be involved in more accidents, and are given higher premiums and prices as a result. Fortunately, there are many deductibles for good driving behavior, which leaves lots of room for savings for teens who are superior drivers. You will still need car insurance even if you are 15 and have your learner’s permit. Your parent will keep track of your vehicle’s license and registration.

Why Is It So Important To Have Insurance

While having car insurance helps protect you against lawsuits and monetary damages as a result of collisions or crashes; it is also required by law that your vehicle is insured. While car insurance does cost quite f air bit of money, it isn’t worth risking being pulled over by a police officer, and being fined or even arrested for not having proper insurance.

Where Can I Find The Cheapest Car Insurance For People My Age

Many companies, once again, offer competitively-priced plans. It is probably a good idea to speak to a parent about what car insurer is the best; this shouldn’t stop you, however, from researching it yourself, as well. All in all, your insurance agent will be able to help you answer most questions. The most important thing to remember is to simply shop around! Be an informed consumer.

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