How To Get A Affordable Auto Insurance Policy After A DUI Or DWI?

By Sharon Gibson Posted in Car Insurance News

To drive legally, all drivers are required to carry some form of liability auto insurance. For those people with either a short driving record or poor driving record, the cost of auto insurance can be quite expensive. For those with a DUI or DWI on their record, getting auto insurance can be even more expensive. While it is bound to be more expensive for a person with a DUI on their record, there are still ways to save money and get affordable auto insurance.


The first way to get affordable auto insurance after a DUI or DWI is to properly research potential car insurance providers. All car insurance providers have different underwriting standards which weight certain categories of risk differently than others. Because of this, one car insurance provider may consider your DUI or DWI less of a risk than another, and they will provide you with a lower quote. By reading consumer reviews online, you should be able to get a feel for which auto insurance provider will be willing to provide you with a lower quote.

Shop Around

One of the best ways to get affordable auto insurance after a DUI or DWI is to shop around. There are various auto insurance comparison websites available which will provide you with quotes from a few different insurers. Each auto insurance quote you receive will take into consideration your driving background, so your DUI or DWI will be factored in. Once you have received multiple quotes, you may be able to negotiate with different auto insurance providers to receive an even lower quote. If you still cannot find a low quote, you could decrease your coverage or increase your deductible.

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