If I Need A Commercial Car Insurance Quote, How Do I Go About Doing It?

By Sharon Gibson Posted in Car Insurance News

Do You Need Commercial Car Insurance

You need commercial car insurance if you are a small or large business that uses a vehicle or trucks as part of your business practice. For those small businesses who are independently working from your home and own your own vehicles, typically, personal car insurance will meet the requirement of proper car insurance. But, if your business related vehicles are used to transport people, commercial car insurance is needed for proper coverage.

Your first step in obtaining a commercial car insurance quote, is to talk to the agent who handles your personal car insurance policy. They will generally be able to help guide you where you need to turn. In most cases, your personal car insurance company will carry commercial car insurance, and quotes will be easy to obtain with little to no hassle.

Purchasing Commercial Car Insurance

For commercial businesses that own cars that are operated for their business use by more than one person, the company is required to maintain commercial car insurance. Those businesses that have employees who drive their own cars for business related purposes should maintain some type of liability coverage for those employees.

There are different types of commercial car insurance coverage, so when you are seeking a quote or quotes for this type of insurance you should consider the different types available.

Commercial car insurance should cover liability for each driver as well as comprehensive and collision coverage for other damages. This should be for each vehicle used for commercial purposes.

As a business owner, or the person responsible for purchasing the commercial car insurance, you need to have proper protection for the company cars. Make sure you not only seek the right coverage, but, ensure you have the right coverage limits.

This is why, pursuing quotes for this type of insurance is best, initially, through your personal car insurance policy company.

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