Is It Possible To Get Car Insurance Without A Car?

By Sharon Gibson Posted in Car Insurance News

Whether you are renting a car from a rental agency, on vacation or borrowing a friend’s car for the weekend you need to carry auto insurance on that vehicle. All major car insurance companies offer a type of insurance called nonowners coverage. This type of policy is in place to insure individuals that do not own a car but still drive. Nonowners auto insurance is especially popular for those who live in urban areas because many do not own their own car but still drive from time to time.

A Nonowners Car Insurance Policy Offers Liability Coverage

Non owners car insurance is very similar to basic liability coverage, and usually costs about the same as a liability policy. The difference between the two is that with nonowners coverage instead of being insured for a car that you own, your coverage extends to whichever car you are driving. This type of policy will cover bodily injury and property damage.

Insurance Coverage Is A Must When Renting Or Leasing A Car

Many states will require that a driver carry auto insurance when renting a car. One option is you can purchase temporary insurance coverage from the rental agency that will cover you during the time that you rent the car. If however, you rent cars often it may be less costly to purchase a nonowners insurance policy from an insurance agency.  This coverage will be in effect as long as the premiums are paid. It may be necessary to purchase more coverage then just nonowners liability coverage to cover repair costs to the rented car if in an accident.

Today it is very common for drivers to lease their cars instead of buying them. Although, when leasing a car you technically are not the owner you still need to have a car insurance policy. Most lease contracts will require that you carry an insurance policy with more than just liability coverage.

You can purchase nonowners car insurance from all insurance providers. Just like all insurance policies the costs will vary from company to company. For this reason it is important to research and shop around for the policy that offers the best coverage for the lowest premiums.

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