J.D. Power: Who Has 2009′s Best Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction?

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Amica Mutual Insurance Ranked Top In Customer Satisfaction

J.D. Power and Associates has named Amica Mutual Insurance of Rhode Island as 2009’s top ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among National Auto Insurers.” The study measures five aspects of service in the order of customer importance; interaction, policy offerings, payment and billing, price and claims.

The customers rate their interaction experience with their car insurance provider whether the communication is through a local agent, call center, an automated phone system or the insurance company’s Web site.

Customers also rate the selection of policies offered by their car insurance providers as well as the degree in which these options meet their needs. Payment and billing is rated on timeliness, clarity and accuracy of billing statements as well as the payment process. The pricing portion is based on how customers rate their car insurance company on price of premium as compared to the level of coverage.

Overall satisfaction is scored based on all aspects of the service experience of the customer with their current car insurance provider.

Overall Customer Satisfaction With Car Insurance Companies

According to the J.D. Power and Associates National Auto Insurance Study, the overall customer satisfaction for car insurance companies is up in 2009. This statistic is driven by “low premiums.” The study suggests that while satisfaction has increased for the four most important factors, which increased overall satisfaction, the most significant increase in the premium-price area. The study evaluated the types of purchases and the general satisfaction of consumers who shop around for a new car insurance company.

One more noteworthy statistic the study shows is that customer satisfaction with Web sites has improved “considerably.” By having access to company Web sites, consumers now have more access and can attain faster quotes when seeking car insurance policies. Other top-ranked car insurance providers were State Farm, Shelter, Auto-Owners, Erie Insurance and Country.

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