Little Known Tips To Getting The Best New Driver Car Insurance Rate

By Cathy Wilson Posted in Car Insurance News

New drivers should expect to pay higher premiums than other age groups. These drivers have no record, good or bad, since they just began driving. However, there are certain steps that can be taken to pay the lowest premium possible.

Insurance Company Statistics Rule

Insurance companies use statistics to determine rates. New drivers submit more claims, in many cases due to crashes, and this is the reason they pay higher insurance rates. This is according to statistics, and this does not mean that every new driver will submit claims. A percentage of them may be excellent drivers, considering the small amount of time they have been behind the wheel.

Ways To Lower Premiums For A New Driver

An individual planning to drive should take a driver education course while in school. This will lower the high premiums in store for a new driver. The new drivers should do well in school. It matters. Higher grades by a new driver will lower the premium paid. Again, statistics show that good students file less claims.

A new driver can drive to and from school. That is not to say, never use the car for driving to places other than school. But, the vast majority of time spent behind the wheel by a new driver should be for educational purposes. Insurance companies always ask a potential policyholder, what is the predominant use for the car .

If a new driver is purchasing a new car the premiums will be higher than for a used car. This applies to all drivers but a new driver is less likely to be able to afford the extra money for the mandatory collision and comprehensive coverage. Finally, some cars are stolen more often than others. Some cars are usually purchased for speed. Check out which cars these are and stay away from them for the time being.

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