New Minimum State Requirements For Houston Auto Insurance Quotes

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A person living in Texas needs to be aware of the minimum Houston auto insurance quotes and requirements. If a person does not have the minimum insurance, and a person is at fault in an accident, the resulting financial responsibility can be disastrous.

Anyone needing Texas auto insurance needs to be aware that there are two major considerations when purchasing insurance. The policy needs to have a bodily injury liability of $25000/$50000 limit. Property damage liability needs to have a $25000 limit. The bodily injury liabiity calls for a $25000 limit per injured person up to a total of $50000 per accident. The new Texas coverage became effective nearly two years ago.

Other Auto Insurance Available

It is also wise for a driver to have the Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury coverage. This covers bodily injury if it is caused by an uninsured or an underinsured driver. This coverage is not required by Texas state law; however, it can be beneficial for an insured driver who is in an accident with an uninsured driver. Most insurance carriers in Texas sell other policies aside from the minimum required by the state. A person can usually purchase a wide-ranging package or it is possible to customize each limit and deductible to fit the needs of the driver.

Cost Of Auto Insurance In Texas

In 2009 the national average cost for auto insurance was $1735. Texas is higher than this at $1809 per year. What many people do not know is that the state and insurance companies do not have a fixed rate. Too many people do not shop around for auto insurance. Each insurance company actually sets their own rate. Therefore, it pays to shop around when looking for Houston Auto insurance quotes.

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