Quick Reference Checklist To Getting The Best San Diego Auto Insurance

By Patrick Cooper Posted in Car Insurance News

It’s no sweat to find the best San Diego auto insurance – with Internet access and a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll be in the know and ready to go in no time. You’ll need to start with some basics, like your odometer reading and the number of miles you drive to work each day. You can find the latter by using the driving directions on any map program such as Google Maps. Also find out if you have any traffic points with the DMV. If you do, it might be useful to wait until they expire.

Establish Your Need

In California, the absolute minimum liability you need to carry is called 15/30, which means that you are covered for up to $30,000 if you are sued after an accident. However, if you have significant personal property or savings, you will want to go much higher. Remember that the point of insurance is to protect your assets. When it comes to comprehensive and collision, you just need to cover the value of your car itself – the cheaper your car, the less coverage you’ll need.

Do Your Research

Now, do an Internet search on “auto insurance rates.” You’ll find a lot of websites like autoinsurancequotes.com or 4insure.net, which take the data you enter and give you quotes from different insurers. Try a few of these and compare results. Play around with deductible and coverage amounts until you find quotes you like. Also, be aware that some companies give discounts for good driving record or safety features like anti-lock brakes, so be sure and find out about these.

Getting the best San Diego auto insurance rates is a snap if you know what to do.

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