Short Study Guide To Getting Direct General Auto Insurance Quotes

By Mike Anderson Posted in Car Insurance News

For automobile owners, auto insurance is a necessary part of the budget. While many drivers stay loyal to their insurance company over the years, shopping around and getting direct quotes from other insurance companies may save money.

Obtaining Direct Auto Insurance Quotes

1. Call other insurance companies and simply ask for a quote. Agents are always willing to take a few minutes to help a prospective customer. If they’re not willing, you probably don’t want their insurance as they may not be helpful in the event you have a claim, either.
2. Take advantage of internet quoting services. Netquote is an example of a website where you can enter the coverage you want, and multiple insurance companies will email you or call you with quotes. This is the least time consuming option.

Questions to Ask When Getting An Auto Insurance Quote

1. Does this coverage match what I currently have? You want an apples-to-apples comparison, so make sure the deductibles and coverage are exactly the same.
2. Does the insurance company offer any extra discounts? Your employer, alma mater, or credit union membership may entitle you to special discounts, but because the company’s discount list can be long, they may not offer to go through it unless you ask.
3. How much will changing the deductible effect the premium? In the event of an accident, paying more out of your pocket will sometimes substantially change the insurance quote. Before changing insurance companies, be sure to ask your current provider the same question.

Getting direct general auto insurance quotes on a regular basis may seem like a hassle, but a little effort may pay off in the long run. Typically, insurance providers are happy to help, and will make the process surprisingly easy.

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