Short Study Guide To Getting The Lowest Los Angeles Car Insurance Rates

By Lisa Olsen Posted in Car Insurance News

Finding the best Los Angeles Car Insurance Rates is simple. You will need your car’s odometer reading, and the miles you drive to work (you can find this by using the “driving directions” feature on a website like Mapquest or Google Maps). Have any recent tickets? Check with the DMV to see if the points are still on your record. If some are about to expire, you might wait until they clear before you apply for a quote.

Establish Your Need

The minimum liability required in California is 15/30, meaning that you will be covered for a total of $30,000 if someone sues you after an accident. But if you have a home or a lot of assets, you should purchase more, 50/100 or even higher. Remember that the insurance is to protect you. For comprehensive and collision, insure what you think your vehicle is worth. If you have an old car, you might skip these or choose a low figure. Also, choosing a higher deductible should make your premium go down.

Do Your Research

Get on the Internet and do a search on “auto insurance rates.” This should turn up many websites such as or These sites will hunt for the best deal for you. Enter your data and compare the results. Try different coverage and deductible amounts to see how much these change your rates.

Ask Questions

Remember, you may still have to speak to an agent before the policy is finalized. Many companies give discounts for things such as good driving record or anti-lock brakes, so be sure to ask about these. Getting the best Los Angeles Car Insurance Rates could not be easier.

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