Short Study Guide To Getting Very Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

By Robert Fredricks Posted in Car Insurance News

Unfortunately, auto insurance is an expense that all automobile owners must pay, but there are several ways to find inexpensive auto insurance that will save drivers money while getting the coverage they need.

Five Ways To Get A Cheap Auto Insurance Quote

1. Shop around. Policy prices differ drastically between companies, and just because the company you use had the best price once doesn’t mean their price will stay the least expensive. Once a year check with other agents to get a quote using the same deductibles and coverage you currently have. Netquote is an online service that will email you quotes and takes little time.

2. Raise Your Deductible. One of the keys to getting a cheap insurance quote is the willingness to pay out more if you do have an accident. A higher deductible means you’ll pay much less in premiums.

3. Consider dropping collision coverage for a car over 5 years old. If the value of your car is lower, you may be better off saving that money towards a replacement vehicle.

4. Ask for discounts. Many companies offer discounts for a number of different reasons. Your employer, your alma mater, or your credit union membership may entitle you to discounts at certain companies. Companies may also give a cheap insurance quote for those who are willing to move their home insurance policy as well.

5. Make sure you need everything on your policy. If you have a membership to a travel club, then don’t pay for emergency towing on your auto insurance policy. You end up paying twice for a service you may never use anyway.

Auto Insurance is a necessary part of owning a vehicle, but people who take the time to look around and inspect their current policies can save money on auto insurance quotes.

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