Toyota News Conference: Prius Incident Can’t Be Replicated

By Mike Anderson Posted in Car Insurance News

Mike Michels, VP Communications Toyota (NYSE:TM) Sales USA said in a news conference moments ago that in the incident that occurred last Monday that it could not be replicated.

Brake Override System

Michels stated, “The Pruis has a brake override system where it can’t power and brake the vehicle at the same time.” Michels went on to say that the Pruis was driven and tested extensively Inconsistencies of this incident are creating suspicion and Toyota is cooperating with all regulations departments.

Incident Sensationalized

Michels went on to say that the incident is being sensationalized. Teams of engineers are working on these problems around the clock. He also went on to say that Mr. Sikes was acted upon properly by Toyota of El Cajon.

Toyota has been hit hard by all the publicity that has happened since the original recall of the sticking gas pedals. Toyota has also been hurt in the area of sales by seeing February’s sales drop by 9%.

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One Response to “Toyota News Conference: Prius Incident Can’t Be Replicated”

  1. STEVE says:


    The more they protest, the less many reasonable people believe in them and the more guilty they seem. And all their protests only make the problem more obvious, with rapidly increasing numbers of people following their case and taking sides. Interest in Toyota’s case was inevitable but now many people are becoming more and more bitterly polarized, with a legacy bound to follow Toyota for decades. It sort of reminds me of the OJ Simpson case.

    Just like Barbra Streisand, protesting that a photographer who from a helicopter, was doing a tremendously valuable service cataloging the condition of the coastline along the area in Southern California, where she had her tremendous mansion, along with all the other a@@holes living jammed into the same area, that this cad was actually violating her privacy by taking pictures of her mansion, along with all the others. Actually protesting that this guy was taking pictures from at least a quarter of a mile away, from a helicopter! Most people decided that Babs could go prong herself.

    This actually stimulated so much interest in what her place looked like, that she had to back off. At first hardly anybody was aware of the case, but with the nature of the internet, interest rapidly develop and huge numbers of hits occurred on the photos of her great mansion, interest in which she had attempted to suppress.

    The phenomenon has come to be called the Streisand effect. Just follow the link and examine all the grossly obnoxious display of wealth and actually how close so many of them are to washing away into the ocean if something of Biblical proportions should occur.

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