Toyota Recalls Again: This Time It’s The Corolla

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The United States government is planning a formal investigation of the 2010 Toyota Corolla for alleged steering problems. This comes after Toyota’s massive recalls for problems with acceleration and breaking on other vehicles. Toyota (NYSE:TM)  has said it may recall the Corolla.

Corolla Steering Problems

The government’s investigation involves 150 complaints relating to the Corolla’s steering. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration fielded the complaints and a formal investigation may come as early as 18 February, covering 500,000 cars. If announced, the NHTSA would have five open investigations of Toyota vehicles. Unlike the others, this problem relates to steering. Drivers have complained that when driving on freeways at speeds above 60mph, the vehicle will wander back and forth in the lane. The problem reportedly stops after a few hundred yards; it has almost caused four accidents.

Toyota Considering Recall

Toyota announced that it’s considering a recall of the Corolla, to the surprise of many. The company’s policy has been to keep silent on any potential recalls until they’re announced. Analysts see this as a sign that Toyota may be shifting strategies and being more transparent about such decisions, which some believe the company will have to do to weather the crisis. Sign of this shift came amidst news that Toyota’s President, Akio Toyoda, will not be testifying before Congress in hearings scheduled for 24 February. Instead, Yoshimi Inaba, President of Toyota North America will testify.

With the revelation of steering problems, Toyota’s vehicles have now faced issues with all three major vehicle control systems: steering, braking, and acceleration. The company plans to add a brake-override system to all of its future vehicles. Under this system, when the accelerator and brake are depressed at the same time, engine power cuts off, which the company hopes will alleviate concerns.

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  1. The only way Toyota is going to be able to save “face” is to offer everyone who bought a Corolla – a FULL refund for their vehicle.

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