What Affects Your Driving Record?

By Mike Anderson Posted in Car Insurance News

What affects your driving record? You do. In short, everything you do can affect your driving record. For example did you know that if you get in any kind of legal trouble the judge can have your driving license suspended? Well s/he can. When any entry is placed on your driving record it stays there for years. So your driving record can of course affect your legal right to drive. It can then also be used for employement or credit purposes.

Moving Violations

Moving violations include but are not limited to: at fault accidents, speeding, wreckless driving, and anything else that violates traffic rules. Each time that an officer writes you a citation you are resposible for whatever fines or punishments are assigned to that offense, if you’re found to be guilty.

Point Systems

Point systems are what affects your driving record. Most states use a point system for violations. Each offense carries a corresponding point value. The point value is predetermined for each offense. For example, if speeding carries a 2 point penalty and driving in the carpool lane carries a 1 point penalty, when you have been found guilty of both these violations the you will have a total of 3 points placed on your driving record. If your points reach a certain number for any 12 month period then your driving privileges may be suspended. Each state sets their own point values for offenses and each state sets their own maximum before suspension.

Insurance Rates

Your driving record directly affects your auto insurace rates. Your driving record goes with you wherever you choose to seek insurance coverage. Your premiums will be affected directly. If your driving record is clear your rates will be lower and if your driving record is poor (with points on it) then your rates will be considerably higher. In essense what affects your driving records affects your insurance rates.

Nothing affects your driving record, except you!

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