What Are The Steps To Submitting Auto Owners Insurance Claims?

By Sharon Gibson Posted in Car Insurance News

When you’re in an accident, make sure you know what to do. These helpful steps will make your claims process simple.

Steps to Make Your Claims Process Smooth and Easy:

1.) Contact Your Agent – Most insurance carriers sell their policies through insurance agents. They should be the bridge between yourself and your insurance company. When you contact them they will ask you questions regarding the wreck and the damages incurred. After you have done this report a claim will be submitted to the carrier and they will review it.
2.) Contact the Insurance Company by phone – If you would rather deal with your insurance company directly you can contact them instead. Sometimes it can be faster or more convenient to do so especially with the advent of internet claims.
3.) Submit a claim through the web – This will be your fastest and most convenient option but eventually there will be human contact to ensure the details.
4.) Keep Your Insurance Paperwork And Documents Nearby
It is best to have all available information regarding the wreck at your disposal so the claims process can be smooth and hiccup free. Be sure to have date, time, and location of the accident along with the physical address of your vehicle, information and details of the other persons and vehicles involved e.g. names, addresses, working phone numbers, DL numbers, make/model, and VIN. Be sure to get contact information from witnesses as well as law enforcement to help the process be more efficient. If you are leasing or financing your vehicle you will additionally need information regarding your financial institution.
5.) Speaking With The Claims Representative
After the claim is submitted a claims representative will help you with the rest of the claims process. Any last questions you have should be addressed at this moment because this will be the last contact with your insurance before the claim is processed and it will be much easier to change things sooner rather than later.

Last Chance For Questions

After the claim is submitted a claims associate should contact you to discuss options and help you through the process. Be sure to address any questions you may have at this time.

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