What Do I Need To Know To Buy Short Term Car Insurance?

By Sharon Gibson Posted in Car Insurance News

What Is Short Term Car Insurance

Short term car insurance works like standard car insurance in that it provides insurance protection for your car for a premium, for a shorter amount of time. Short term car insurance can be purchased from one day to six months and the cost is relatively inexpensive depending on the type of insurance and what you need it for. It is not offered in every state and each state has its own requirements and limits.

Reasons To Have Short Term Insurance

Short term insurance can come in handy in several situations. If you are planning a cross-country trip in a rental car then you can purchase short term insurance to cover you while you drive the rented vehicle. Are you planning on loaning a car out or borrowing someone else’s car? You can purchase short term car insurance to give yourself the maximum level of protection in either situation. Purchasing short term insurance for recreational vehicles and even boats during vacations is an excellent use of short term insurance. If you live one of the Gulf states, then short term flood or hurricane insurance can be purchased on a stored vehicle. Any out-of-country visitors to the US may purchase short term insurance while they are here.

Other Benefits

While short term insurance can be expensive, depending on the circumstances, it is also well worth it. It is illegal to drive without insurance anywhere in the United States. So even if you don’t own a car and are borrowing a friend’s car for the day, you still need insurance. Your friend’s policy may not cover other drivers on the vehicle, which means you could end up with a serious violation and a revoked license. Many car dealers require proof of insurance when before you can drive off the lot with a new car. Short term insurance can cover the gap until you find a more traditional policy.

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