What Does PLPD Car Insurance Mean?

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Public Liability And Property Damage (PLPD) Defined

First, let’s understand that the initials PLPD stand for Public Liability and Property Damage. Essentially, it is the same as bodily injury and property damage (BI and PD) liability coverage. The concept of “public liability” as it pertains to car insurance is it would cover you in the event your car causes injury or death to a third party, and “property damage” is if your car damages someone else’s property.

In essence, the term PLPD is used by many insurance companies to help policyholders satisfy their basic obligation to what their state insurance law requires by having this minimum state required liability limits of car insurance. This category of car insurance coverage offers a third-party coverage, however it does not offer coverage  to your car’s damage in an accident.

Understanding The Benefits Of PLPD

You may have heard the term PLPD car insurance, but may not understand what it means or what benefits it may or may not offer. PLPD is normally the minimum required amount of liability and property damage car insurance coverage. Amounts vary according to the state of your residence and a specific car insurance company.

One of the benefits of having this type of insurance is that it is the cheapest insurance coverage you can purchase. However, with this type of car insurance, damage to your car is not covered and neither is damage to your property by your car or during an accident.

PLPD car insurance coverage means if you are at fault in an accident, your insurance company will only pay for the damage done to other vehicles. So, if you are seldom in car accidents, this may be an option to consider. However, if you have been in car accidents previously, or if you have violations on your driving record, this may be a type of coverage you would not consider.

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