What Is A SR-22 Form Used For In Car Insurance?

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SR-22 Form Specifics Explained

Although an SR-22 form is sometimes associated with high-risk insurance,  it is not a type of insurance but it is proof of responsibility for those who are or were convicted of specific traffic violations or as ordered by a court. The form varies state-to-state and are completed by your insurance company and then submitted to the state Department of Vehicles (DMV). If you are required to have this form, expect to have one for at least a three-year period.

The requirements of an SR-22 form varies by state, generally, it can only be issued when a driver purchases insurance meeting minimum requirements by the state of residence. It is very important to understand your state’s requirements in regards to form SR-22.

Not all states will require form SR-22. As it is usually required for problem drivers, particularly those who have been cited for driving without insurance or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI). In short, the SR-22 form can be used as a means of verifying an adequate insurance policy.

Will An SR-22 Form Always Be A Requirement

When a driver obtains insurance, the SR-22 form is sent by the insurance company, upon request of the driver to the Secretary of State as proof of insurance coverage. The SR-22 form is required by law to prevent suspension of a driver’s license or, in some cases, allows for its reinstatement.

Depending on the circumstances that created the requirement of an SR-22 form, drivers will need to maintain proof of insurance on record for a minimum of two-three years. However, if the driver moved out of his or her state, they certainly can appeal for the requirement of form SR-22 to be waived, but will be subject to the insurance company’s requirements of the new state of residence.

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