What Is Non Owner Auto Insurance?

By Sharon Gibson Posted in Car Insurance News

Have you been asking yourself what non-owner auto insurance means? The non-owner auto insurance is a kind of coverage that is meant for those who need auto insurance but they do not own a car. One thing that you should be aware about this policy is that it is not for everyone. With this type of coverage, it maybe limited and it cannot be applicable under certain circumstances. If you own a vehicle, or you regularly use one, you are required to look for auto insurance even if you do not own a vehicle.

Non Owner Auto Insurance Essentials

Now that you have seen that having auto insurance does not necessarily mean that you own a car, the question that you ought to be asking yourself now is how to buy non-owners auto insurance. All you need to know is what the non-owners auto insurance cover. The policy covers any damage that may arise from you while you drive a car that you do not own. This includes the borrowed as well as the rented vehicle. Non-owner insurance cover can help you in several ways like sorting out any insurance complication that might arise from time to time. In case you are self-employed, then you will most likely require commercial liability policy.


This type of auto insurance will help you in several ways like if you cause any damage or accident while you are driving a vehicle that is not yours. You are required to call many insurance companies to ask whether they offer the non-owner’s policy. You should ask for information concerning the Assigned Risk Plan that is offered by the insurance company for your state. You then need to compare quotes and shops for the one that is most cost-effective non-owner auto insurance policy.

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