What Is Suspended Cheap Car Insurance Coverage?

By Mike Anderson Posted in Car Insurance News

When you purchase a car insurance policy you sign a legal contract and therefore agree to all of the terms stated in that policy. Car insurance companies will state different conditions that can lead to a suspension of your auto insurance coverage. One of the most obvious reasons for your insurance coverage to be suspended is if you miss an insurance premium payment. Many insurance companies will suspend a policy if even one payment is missed leading to a lapse in your auto insurance coverage.

A Suspended Drivers License Can Lead to A Suspension Of Your Insurance Policy

If your drivers license is suspended by the state for traffic violations or any other reasons than your auto insurance policy can also be suspended by your car insurance company. Since you are not legally able to drive when you have a suspended license many auto insurance companies will also suspended your insurance coverage. This may seem like a logical move because if you are not driving you should not need car insurance. If for example you car sustains damage while being parked on a busy street however, your insurance company will not cover the repair costs if your policy was suspended.

Different Insurance Companies Have Different Procedures In Place To Get An Insurance Policy Reinstated

So how do you get your car insurance coverage reinstated once it gets suspended? Many times if your license is suspended by the state you will have to appear in court and show proof that you hold car insurance before you can get your drivers license back. If your insurance policy was suspended by the insurance company because you have a suspended license it may be difficult to get your coverage back without a valid license. If this is the case you will have to contact your insurance agent and explain the situation to them. If your insurance was suspended for another reason then you will have to read the policy’s procedures on getting your coverage back. You can also contact your¬†insurance¬†agent for this information.

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