What Is Third Party Car Insurance?

By Mike Anderson Posted in Car Insurance News

In nearly all states, it is mandatory that drivers get insurance cover for their cars before they hit the road. With a third party insurance cover, you do not only meet the law requirements, but also keep your insurance costs to a minimum.

As the name suggests, third party insurance cover is meant to protect other parties vehicles that may be damaged as a result of your actions. The cover is suitable for most first time drivers, who often find it difficult to go for comprehensive covers. Other drivers that may opt for this cover are those with older vehicles which may not necessarily need comprehensive cover due to their low value. A third party insurance covers a third party from injury or death, and his property from damage caused by you as the driver.

As is the case with other auto insurance covers, third party insurance cover comes with optional extras depending on your insurer. These can include legal expenses cover, breakdown cover, glass cover, road rage cover, among others. These extras increase the cost of the cover and may be suitable for different people depending on their cars and what they wish to get covered for.

Check The Terms

Before settling for a cover, it is prudent to check the terms of the policy. These can differ from insurer to insurer. Keep in mind that the third party insurance cover does not cover the damage on your own vehicle if you are involved in an accident that you are responsible for. Moreover, it also does not cover your car against fire damage or theft.

Third party insurance covers are the most basic type of insurance cover and are usually cheap. There are usually hardly any incentives included in the policies, although you should check them out from time to time for promotions or special offers.

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