What’s The Easiest Way To Change Car Insurance Companies?

By Sharon Gibson Posted in Car Insurance News

Changing Car Insurance Companies

The easiest way to switch car insurance companies is to make the change when your policy expires. A month or so before your current car insurance policy expires, begin shopping around for another policy with a different car insurance company. Many companies offer free online quotes to make the process much easier for the consumer. The only time changing insurance companies can become difficult is if you are trying to make the change before your policy has expired or if you are a “high-risk” driver. “High-risk” drivers are those who have several violations or accidents, a history of a DUI or DWI or drive a high-end expensive car.

What You Need To Know Before You Shop

When you are ready to begin shopping around for a new insurance carrier or new policy be sure to have all your current insurance information available. You should know the type of policy you currently have, whether you want to keep the same type of policy or if you want to switch to a different policy, and your vehicle information. You will have to provide the insurance companies your social security number so they can check your driving record and your credit score. Your insurance card should have your Vehicle Identification Number and other information about your car required for a quote.

Easing The Process

Switching companies should not be a complicated process. It is actually beneficial for your bank account to shop around every time your policy is up for renewal. Insurance companies are constantly adjusting their rate protocols, which could work in your favor. If you are a good driver with a clean record, insurance companies will fall over themselves to have you as a customer because you represent a lower risk of filing a claim. Shopping for car insurance is made even easier with online quotes. Simply plug in your information and the computer will spit back an instant quote. Just remember to have all your information ready before you log on. It is best to acquire at least three free estimates.

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