Which Car Insurance Companies Ignore Speeding?

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When car insurance companies determine how much insurance premiums will be for an individual driver they consider how much of a risk it is to insure that driver. The riskier the driver, the more likely he or she is to be involved in an accident and therefore, could cost the insurance company money. This is why drivers that are considered to be high risk are charged significantly higher premiums than safe drivers. One way for the insurance company to judge whether a driver is safe or not is by checking for moving violations on the driver’s record. These violations include infractions such as running red lights, failure to stop, and yes, speeding.

Usually One Speeding Ticket Will Be Ignored By Insurance Companies

If you are a driver who has been ticketed for speeding in the past few years, chances are that your insurance premiums will be higher than usual. Having multiple speeding violations on your driving record will most likely not be ignored by any insurance provider. However, almost all insurance companies will not raise your insurance premiums after just one speeding ticket. In fact, many states have  laws that prohibit insurance companies from increasing premiums due to one speeding violation. There is an exception to this rule of thumb though. If you have only one speeding violation on your driving record but also other moving violations as well, insurance companies will take this as a sign of risky driving behavior and most likely charge you a higher insurance premium.

If you have a clean driving record and receive a speeding violation many states will allow you to attend a driving instruction class, and in exchange you will be put on probation and the violation will not show up on your record. Also, if you are ticked for driving only a few miles an hour over the speed limit you can argue in court that it is a minor violation in hopes of it being dismissed. Both of these scenarios will result in no insurance premium increases.

If you do receive speeding tickets that are not ignored by your insurance company, expect about a $50 a year increase in your insurance premium. This premium increase will stay in effect between three to five years. If you continue to receive more speeding violations, your premium increase will be much more than $50. If you are a driver with multiple speeding tickets on your record, shopping around for the cheapest insurance can save you a significant amount.

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