Which Insurance Companies Do Not Look At Your Driving Record?

By Mike Anderson Posted in Car Insurance News

One of the major ways that an auto insurance company makes money is by collecting premium payments from policyholders who do not file many claims with the company. These types of clients are considered low risk because the insurance company determined that they will most likely not lose money by insuring these individual. Low-risk drivers will get the benefit of paying much lower insurance premiums than high-risk drivers. The way that insurance companies determine if an individual driver is a high risk or low-risk driver is by checking that motorist’s driving record.

It Is Common Practice For Auto Insurers To Check Your Driving Record

As a rule of thumb all auto insurance companies will check your driving record at some point in time. If the insurer never checks the driving history of their policyholders they would not be able to calculate accurate insurance premiums to charge. The common times for an auto insurer to check driving records is when a new client is buying a policy, if  a change is being made to a policy, if a policy is being renewed, and during every two renewal cycles on the insurance policy. Some insurance companies will also do random checks of their clients driving history to see if there were any recent changes.

Some Insurance Companies Will Offer Forgiveness For Your First Traffic Violation Or Accident

Although all car insurance companies will refer to your driving at some point, if you have a poor driving history there are things that you can do. For instance some auto insurance companies will overlook certain violations or even forgive an accident. This is not the case though if you have multiple violations or accidents on your record. Also, many auto insurance companies will not do random checks of your driving record so as long as you make no changes to your policy, a change in your driving record may go unnoticed until your policy is up for renewal. To determine which insurers will offer forgiveness or not do random checks you have to shop around and read the fine print of the policy contract.

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