Who Is The Progressive Car Insurance Girl?

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Meet Progressive Insurance’s Flo!

You’ve seen her on Progressive’s numerous television commercials. In the ads, her name is Flo. She’s perky, approachable and a lot of fun. She’s reminiscent of Marlo Thomas in “That Girl.” People have become huge fans of the vivacious, redheaded Flo.

Flo made her first appearance as Progressive’s spokeswoman in 2008. In fall of 2008, Progressive signed her to an additional twelve commercials. She won’t be disappearing from your television soon.

Now Meet Stephanie Courtney

The actress portraying Flo in Progressive commercials is Stephanie Courtney. The 39-year-old actress is a member of Los Angeles’ Groundlings Theater where she performs as an improv and sketch actress.

Courtney performed stand-up routines at Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City before moving to Los Angeles. Beyond her improv and stand up routines, Stephanie Courtney also appears in a number of movies and a few television shows. They include:

  • Adult Swim’s Tom Goes to the Mayor (Renee the Receptionist and Joy Peters.)
  • Angel (Gwen.)
  • Blades of Glory (Reporter.)
  • The Brothers Solomon (Sara.)
  • Cavemen (Diane, the boss.)
  • ER (Charlotte.)
  • Everybody Loves Raymond (Woman from “Cookies” episode in season six.)
  • The Heartbreak Kid (Cousin Gayla.)
  • Mad Men (Marge.)
  • The Man Show (Various characters.)
  • MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch
  • Without a Trace (Lynette Shaw.)

Courtney appears in other commercials, as well. You may have caught her in ads for Glade products (the one with the women doing yoga together) and Skittles candies (where everything her coworker touches turns to Skittles). Remember the Budweiser Super Bowl ad a few years ago where budget-stricken shoppers ditch everything except the beer? That was Stephanie Courtney playing the cashier.

Here’s Stephanie Courtney’s Personal Information

Born in Stony Point, New York, Courtney’s mother worked as a singer and her father was a high school history teacher. Stephanie Courtney has one sister, Jennifer. She and Jennifer worked together on a play called, “Those Courtney Girls,” performed in Aspen and eventually in L.A. An executive at Davis Entertainment is currently pitching the play to television studios.

Since landing the role of Flo on Progressive commercials, Courtney’s gained the attention of many men who find her quite attractive. While she was single until recently, she married the lighting director for the Groundling’s Theater in November, 2008.

What’s New For Stephanie Courtney?

Courtney appeared as Beth on Showtime’s, “United States of Tara,” a show created by Diablo Cody, the Oscar winning writer for the movie “Juno.” Courtney also appears in the 2009 film “Coco Lipshitz: Behind the Laughter.”

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