Why Is A Credit Report Important For Young Driver Car Insurance?

By Lisa Olsen Posted in Car Insurance News

A young driver will pay higher rates for car insurance. There is no avoiding this fact. Many things can be done by the young driver, to at least lower the premium to some degree.

Credit Reports Rule The World

A person’s credit rating comes from the 3 credit rating agencies. They all do not have the same credit rating for an individual. Equifax, TransUnion and Experian are their names. When someone has good credit, it is important for many things. There are those out there on television telling people to cut up their credit cards. Credit cards are essential and convenient when used responsibly.

The numbers in a credit rating go from 350-850, the higher the number the better. Young drivers might want to finance a car or have their insurance premiums paid from their credit card. They need good credit in order to get credit cards with reasonable rates, if reasonable rates are still possible.

Build Up A Good Credit Rating

The young driver must apply for a credit card. Pay it on time for purchases, even if cash is on hand. The timely payments will raise the credit rating. Always pay more than the minimum, if possible twice the minimum.

The good credit will be seen by insurance companies, when the young driver applies for car insurance. In fact, companies check credit ratings when applying for a job; certainly when purchasing a car. When the car insurance company sees the good rating of the driver, in many cases, the premium will be lower. The insurance company will feel confident that the young driver will make payments on time. Not only on time but will not reach a point where payments cannot be made. This will be revealed in a good credit rating.

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    I think credit rating is getting a lot more important in todays world. People are not willing to take the same risks as before the recession.

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