Why Is Car Insurance Supermarket A Good Place To Shop?

By Patrick Cooper Posted in Car Insurance News

People are busy trying to make a living, if they are lucky enough to have a job. They need an easy way to get car insurance quotes. Sure they can go to each individual insurance company website and get a quote. But, they will have to keep track of the many quotes and it does take time visiting each website.

Save Time Through A Car Insurance Supermarket

Just like shopping for food, the big car insurance supermarket has one stop shopping. Visit one of many insurance supermarket sites. Put in the requested information about yourself, that pertains to car insurance and a variety of quotes will be generated from different companies. Go to another supermarket if a preferred company is not listed in the quotes. In this way, a couple of visits to insurance supermarkets should give a sufficient number of quotes, including the preferred company. Preferred only if its rates are reasonable.

Price Is Almost Everything

Price is very important. Especially if there is a wide discrepancy in prices from comparable companies for the same coverage. However, there are other things that should be of concern. Do a little research into the financial strength of the companies. We know what happened to AIG, once the insurance giant seen on television advertisements, night after night.

Check where the insurance companies have their excess funds invested. It makes no sense paying low rates and the company not being in existence when they are needed most. The companies should be invested in triple AAA companies and other low-risk investments. All insurance companies invest a part of the premium money, so that they have funds for a time when claims are above average. Price and financial strength are the two criteria to use when car insurance supermarket shopping.

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