Will Virgina Tech’s Study On Phone Texting Increase Car Insurance Rates?

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What Did The Study Of Drivers Who Text Show

The first study of its kind, drivers who text while driving, reports that the risk surpasses previous estimates based on lab research and exceeds the dangers of many other driving distractions.

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute conducted the research and measured the times drivers take their eyes off the road to send or receive/read text messages. The report states “their (drivers) collision risk is 23-times greater than when they are not sending/receiving text messages.”

The VTTI study includes light-vehicle drivers and truck drivers, manual operation of cell phones such as sending text messages lead to a “substantial increase” in the risk of being involved in a car accident, a near accident or safety situation involving a vehicle. Further, the study indicated that text messaging on a cell phone while handling a motor vehicle was associated with the highest risk of all cell phone related tasks.

How Could Texting Increase Your Car Insurance Rate

With several recent high-visibility trucking, transit and vehicle accident/crashes reported having been directly associated with text messaging, more and more state law officials and car insurance companies are beginning to closely analyze studies such as the one published by Virginia Tech’s Transportation Institute.

Though it’s reported that 36 states currently do not ban text messaging while driving; 14 do including Alaska, California, Louisiana and New Jersey. There are some states just beginning the process through legislation, some states have rejected the idea of implementing such rules, while others say additional studies and reports are needed in order to further the determination to make driving while texting against the law.

Though the new study of VTTI has not affected up-front car insurance premium rates, the insurance companies are paying closer attention to the current legislations, with more and more emphasis on the “keeping your eyes on the road” initiative.

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