America Speaks: How Good Is A Mandatory Health Insurance Bill For Us?

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Americans Are Speaking Out On Mandatory Health Insurance Bill

It’s obvious that Americans have a deep concern about the topic of mandatory health insurance by the way they are speaking out and voicing their opinions. In the past week a huge number of e-mail comments have come into our news desk regarding the current issues with “health care reform” that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is proposing. The comments have been so overwhelming that we feel they are newsworthy. Here are the topics of concern:

  • Mandatory Health Insurance Costs
  • Fines For Not Having Insurance
  • Forced Flu Vaccinations
  • Big Insurance And Government Corruption

Shown below is a sampling of comments by our readership. Please note that these comments are totally unedited and appear just as they came across our news desk:

“It’s astounding that in this day and age medical care is a for-profit industry enriching shareholders at the expense of the poor — and by ‘poor’ I mean ‘middleclass.’ Big-pharma mark-ups are often +2000 percent profit per dose. Eg., .11-cents to manufacture, with the “consumer” paying hundreds of dollars. Is it any wonder no one can afford to be healthy?”
– By Jolly B.

“I for one do not believe this is constitutional, but what do I know of the constitution. It’s just a piece of paper … The republic is lost …”
– By Mary F.

“Given the choice and the state of the economy, most Americans (you know, those irresponsible ones) will prefer to eat as opposed to paying a ransom to some government-sponsored insurance fraud.”

– By C. Pryson

“And how about those of us who can’t GET insurance? My son is autistic-I can’t find an insurance company that will cover even half his expenses! I’m diabetic and have skin cancer-that’s a couple of “pre-existing conditions” no insurance company wants to touch. Not that I could afford to insure my family anyway-it would cost me roughly $12,000 a year to cover my family. That’s half my income. Guess us poor, sick people are just supposed to roll over and die, right?”
– By Marika J.

“I’ve been watching our illustrious, mysterious government for several decades now. And have concluded that besides being cheap and mean spirited towards the vast majority of its citizens its cadre of unseen cabals who really run this country, pass laws which are written to be grossly unpopular with the majority but are then only enforced on those least able to protect themselves from those “said laws”. This in turn has given birth to and abomination we call the “US Penal System” i.e. the newvoslave now under ownership of the government / corporate slaveholder!”
– By Dee S.

“Not a snowballs chance. They are going to use the IRS to enforce it? Do you mean the “VOLUNTARY COMPLIANCE” IRS? HA HA! I will gladly protest by refusing—I must get immunized what? HA! Hey OBAMA!! Why dont you keep your d*** laws off my body!”
– By John P.

“Health Insurance” is a JOKE!! It is nothing but managed Sick Care Of Amerika! I do not partake in any of it!! Why on earth would I ever want to subject my body to the medical establishments idiotic poison and radiation!!!”
– By Red R.

“Opposition isn’t the word. I’m still against the government’s enforcement of auto insurance down to the state and local levels. While I’ve complied with the auto insurance and the rip off regulations, I will under no circumstances comply with this. For one, just on moral and the scripture, the government has no right whatsoever to inject anything in my veins unless I state in writing that this is the choice made by myself and on my behalf. If it passes, there would be no way I would comply.”
– By Rick S.

“The kind of health insurance the Obama government wants to introduce is insane. Forcing people to PAY for (presumably private) health insurance? If Obama were really sincere about making sure all Americans had health insurance, he would just take it out of their income tax and make Medicare or Medicaid universal. Everyone, rich and poor, would be eligible for the same level of health care. If people want a higher level of health care, then they should be prepared to pay out of their post-tax income. There should be no need for Americans to pay anything extra.”
– By Jennifer H.

“Americans must stand up and defend themselves and their Democracy against their ‘bought’ elected officials and the 1,500 or so Wealthy Old White boys who are destroying this nation. Only when TRUE Americans stand UP will the FALSE thieves, liars and thugs stand DOWN. Petitions, demonstrations and ‘letters to the editor’ will fail. Only a total rejection of the TRAITORS currently running America will succeed. “If this be Treason, then make the most of it…”
– By Joseph C.

Voice Your Own Opinion

These comments represent merely a small subset of the vast array of comments that that we have received. We at Your Online Insurance remain neutral to all religious, political and party persuasions. Comments on this article can be made in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

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3 Responses to “America Speaks: How Good Is A Mandatory Health Insurance Bill For Us?”

  1. Jody says:

    They can come and arrest me. I WILL NOT pay for health insurance. ALL clinics and DR’s have “cash rates”. I have saved each month what my premium for health insurance would be and have made myself “self insured”. By setting aside the funds that would have been paid to an insurance scam I have enough saved in an interest bearing account to cover any major medical experience I may have. PAY CASH AND SAVE MONEY!!! Insurance is a SCAM. Dr’s are SCAM ARTISTS! I’ve sold health insurance AND have worked in medical offices. Two of the biggest scam industries in the country!!! Dr make you sicker, Hospitals are only a place to die and Insurance collects on both!

  2. Rickford says:

    How the hell am I going to be able to afford mandatory health insurance when I’m making below poverty wages as it is now? I don’t have enough money to even put a roof over my head and I’m living with my parents. To heck with Obama and his mandatory insurance. I’ll willing go to jail before paying any money on his mandatory insurance. I could’nt do even if I wanted to. Obama is a corporate stooge. Power to the people!

  3. Bentonio says:

    This is insane! I live below poverty as it is and they’re gonna force me to take out a mandatory insurance policy? No way! I can’t afford it. It litterally takes every cent I earn to eat and house myself. They’ll just have to lock me up in jail cause I ain’t doing it.

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