CDC 2010 Survey Set: What % Of Residential Care Serve Medicaid Folk?

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New Study Of Residential Care Communities

A new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) is scheduled to take place by 2010. The NCHS is involved in a first-ever study/survey of the residential care community providers.

Those included in the study are residential care facilities, board and care homes, assisted living facilities, congregate care, homes for the aged/elderly, shared housing establishments that are licensed/registered/listed/certified or otherwise regulated by a state and enriched-housing programs. The organization is intending to produce national estimates of the business/places and those who reside in the residences.

There are a number of questions the study will pose and answer, such as the number and characteristics of residential care facilities. These characteristics will include the number of units and beds, occupancy rate, geographic/location such as if urban or rural areas and the type of facility. The study will determine the type of facility and the extent of care, private rooms, etc. The admission and discharge policies of the facility; what proportion of facilities serve Medicaid and if not, why not.

Other portions of the study will be as what services and staff are available in the facilities and at what cost(s); and what is included in these costs, such as the distinction between basic costs and extended costs and services. The basic characteristics the study will show is the social demographic, age, sex, race, education and ethnicity.

Medicaid Prevalent In Residential Care

The residents’ health conditions and cognitive function status will also be a part of the NCHS study. The average length of stay in these facilities will be surveyed.

One of the biggest factors in the study is how these residents pay for the care once they are admitted to the facilities. To determine the percentage of Medicaid recipients who reside in these types of facilities is essential in maximizing the benefits of the care.

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