Democrats Jumping Ship Like Pirates Over Healthcare Reform Bill?

By Robert Fredricks Posted in Health Insurance News

The announcement that two long-time liberal senators (Chris Dodd, D-CT and Byron Dorgan, D-ND) will not seek reelection speaks volumes to the current political landscape. In the latest Rasmussen polling, 52% of likely voters oppose health care reform while only 42% approve; translating into a perilous and precarious situation for the majority party. Three democrat congressmen retired last month and yet another switched parties.

But there is far more to health care reform than political futures, the futures of many average Americans will be affected should health care reform pass…

What Health Care Reform Means To You

More taxes, higher insurance costs; because the bill is heavily front-loaded, the cost comes immediately, yet any benefits won’t begin until 2014. The health care reform package will cost the average American family $15,200 annually, a $2,100 increase – while individual cost would rise to $5,800. By contrast, without the health care reform package, Americans would spend less – $5,500 for individuals and $13,100 for a family.

Moreover, the plan will mandate everyone buy a government approved insurance plan, which means even families that are satisfied with their current plan will have to switch to a more expensive plan or face a penalty of $6,750.

What Health Care Reform Means To The Country

Businesses will also have mandated employee coverage; failure to comply will result in a $750 fine per employee. The government estimates it will collect $28 billion in fines by employers, which means unemployment will stay artificially high, regardless of the economy.

The 10-year Congressional Budget Office estimate scores the cost to be between $2.4 and $2.6 trillion but accounts for only six years of new spending. In other words, the CBO’s score is grossly miscalculated as true costs and promised spending cuts will have to be strictly adhered to for the next five to seven congresses.

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