Guess What Two Industries Lead 2009 Lobbyist Spending For Health Care?

By Robert Fredricks Posted in Health Insurance News

It’s always interesting to read and listen to news articles and commentaries about the lobbying efforts and spending that surround the most powerful organization in the world; the United States Congress. Lobbyist spending appears to be strolling along like a casual walk in the park. The average American seems to just submit a boring glance and return the business at hand while mischievous activity lurks in the shadows.

Industry Lobby Leaders

According to, lobbyists are poised to spend nearly $321 Million to sway the hearts and souls of our most beloved congressional favorites. Leading the list, the Pharmaceuticals/Health Products industry tops out at $199.3 Million to try to avoid any possible decline in profitability. One would have to wonder how much they stand to loose with that kind of spending. Coming in as a close second is the Insurance industry with a mere $122.1 Million in possible greed-induced spending.

Congress Has The Power

Interesting to note, that the United States Congress is the only body with any real power to eliminate the two things that make most Americans irate: Pork barrel spending and lobbyists somehow magically influencing our congress to go a certain way. It’s amazing that the number of lobbyists that now man the phones, computers, sidewalks and streets has grown to a population of over 13,000 in our nation’s capital Washington, D.C.

One can only imagine “60 Minutes” Andy Rooney posing a question something like; “When the United States Congress could eliminate these lobbying efforts if they wanted to, why would they not simply abolish it? Are there things they’re not telling us?”

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