Health Insurance: Mandatory Car Insurance, Why Not Health?

By Robert Fredricks Posted in Health Insurance News

Every state requires drivers to have a minimum of liability insurance on their cars before they can legally drive them. The purpose of this is to financially protect the other drivers when you are at fault in an accident. Would this same system work for health care? Consider this; smokers cost the country an average of $96 billion dollars a year in health care expenses. That’s $96 billion in health care expenses that smokers don’t pay.

It works like this. Let’s say someone has been a smoker for twenty years. They are in their late forties and have developed COPD, a common lung disease attributed to smoking. If this person does not have health insurance then who foots the bill when they go into the hospital because they’re lungs fill up with fluid and they can’t breath? If they can’t pay the $5,000 hospital bill, then the hospital will try to make up that loss by raising the rate of diagnostic tests or services or by decreasing health benefits to their own employees.

Why Does It Matter

The cost of health care has gotten completely out of control. Mandatory health insurance would help some but would it really make a difference? It probably would but then the problem of execution and enforcement would become a focus instead of actual health care overhaul. Some of those who are opposed to mandatory health care wonder how far the long arm of the law would go to enforce the law. Would people be denied care if they couldn’t afford to purchase health insurance?

Mandatory health insurance would really segregate the healthy from the unhealthy. Insurance companies would offer incentives for people who are young and healthy and make the older or those with health problems pay more. Some say this is how health insurance should work. Why should a young healthy person who almost never sees the doctor pay the same as someone with a chronic health condition who is in an out of the hospital. But on the other hand is it really fair to punish someone who needs the health insurance the most?

There are so many questions that need to be answered before a real effort can be made to overhaul health care and definitely before mandatory health care insurance is even an option.

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