Healthcare Bill Abortion Passing Will Cause Heath Insurance Rates To Rise

By Sharon Gibson Posted in Health Insurance News

The healthcare reform debate has been the headline in all forms of media for about a year now. The newest issue being brought up is that with the passing of the healthcare abortion bill health insurance rates will increase. Right now, the economy is very bad and this is why people need health care reform legislation. Thirty million consumers have no health insurance coverage and others are in risk of losing their coverage if they lose their jobs.

Consumers Up In Arms About Having To Pay For Abortions

If abortion is now covered by insurance providers then this will cause consumer insurance rates to rise. Insurance rates are already incredibly high and consumers do not want to have to pay for abortions which are according to many are elective medical procedures. Consumers have problems now paying for their medical coverage; now health insurance providers will increase the rates issued because people have abortions every day in this country. The providers will take advantage of consumers because there is such a large insurance pool to draw from.

Abortion Is A Very Touchy Subject For Many Americans

The country is essentially divided on the subject of abortion. Some people think that women can be pro choice and decide whether or not to give birth to their child or abort the fetus. Many conservatives believe that life begins at conception and that killing that life on terminating the fetus is murder and should be illegal. Both sides had agreed in the past that abortion should not be funded by the federal government. Some private insurance plans do currently cover abortions but most consumers right now have to go to a clinic and ay out of pocket for this procedure. The government is towing the line when it comes to reproductive rights versus every day medical rights that people need to be healthy.

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